1. color-division:

    Is like one of my Hannigram fics"  you whispered as you watched Su-zakana, no, wait! this show IS a Hannigram fic

  2. nbchannibal:

    A starling? Quiet sheep?

    *skeptically glares at Bryan Fuller*

  3. nbchannibal:

    Getting a test back like…


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  5. oldrockstars:

    becoming older than 10 years old was the biggest mistake of my life

  6. easterbucky:

    castiel + smiles

    are we all going to ignore the fact that it’s dean making him smile in every one? 

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  7. deancas + “you okay?”

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  9. I need more domestic fluff in my fics, yall need to get off this angst train and come over to the land of fluffy sweaters and guinea pigs. I’m too fragile.

  10. This is my Design [2/?]
    Trou Normand → Totem Pole of Bodies

  11. anitial-deez:

    I never thought I would say this but…

    Hannibal/Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls parallels

    The 5th Gif though!

  12. nattah-gudgrrl:

    Hannibal/The Little Mermaid

    "Les poissons, les poissons
    Hee hee hee, haw haw haw”

  13. mycroftknowsbetter:

Presented without comment


    Presented without comment